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Completed delivery to Nonghyup (root nodule washer, agricultural product washer)
Writer 관리자 Search 466
Date 2020-11-12


Completed delivery to Nonghyup

Completed delivery of bulbous type washer for agricultural products

Agricultural product washer was delivered to Nonghyup in Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do.

The agricultural product washer was carefully and thoroughly inspected through several consultations and direct visits to the Sejong Hitech office,
and the order was placed by the Nonghyup representative.

Nonghyup purchased the agricultural product washer to perform washing of apples and other agricultural products.

The agricultural product washer at Nonghyup was installed and delivered by the president and manager of the company, in person. It was reported that the representatives of Nonghyup were informed in detail on the usage, management, and cleaning methods for the agricultural product washer.