Food Mixer/Pulverizer

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Large capacity food mixer SMT-288


Product specifications

Model Name SMT-288L SMT-288XL
External dimensions 560 X 370 X 1100mm 560 X 600 X 1300mm
Machine weight 95Kg 115Kg
Power 220V,3HP 380V,5HP
Feed-opening width 280mm 280mm
Container capacity 35L 45L
container specifications 450mm X 240mm 650mm X 340mm

Product features

  • Operation is simple and the content can be easily removed because it is swing processed while the machine is stationary.

  • High-speed rotation of the blade enables the fine mixing of particles, and mass production is possible thanks to the fact that this machine can perform consecutive jobs. The machine is convenient to move when using the mounted wheels.


  • smt-288부품

    3-joint blade

Product video

green smoothie

Pulverization of tomato

Pulverization of cheese

Pulverization of boiled eel

Photo after work completion

Pulverization of boiled eel

Pulverization of tomato

Pulverization of onion+carrot+potato

Pulverization of green smoothie

Pulverization of camembert cheese

Pulverization of abalone intestines