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Sushi molding machine SM-T3000


Product specifications

Model Name SM-T3000 SM-T4000
External dimensions 220 X 420 X 500mm 220 X 420 X 500mm
Machine weight 25kg 25kg
Power AC110/220V, 50/60Hz,120W AC110/220V, 50/60Hz,120W
Processing ability 3,000pcs/H 3,000pcs/H
Rice grain size 42mm16g,18g / 50mm 20g 50mm 20g, 30g

Product features

  • As the machine is equipped with a built-in sensor, usage is convenient and there are no malfunctions.

  • All parts through which rice passes is made of a special material that reduces the sticking of rice grains.

  • Chungmu Gimbap and rice grains of various sizes can be produced by replacing the molding mold.

  • Convenience in cleaning and hygienic through the machine’s circular design.

  • Equipped with automatic stop function- The machine automatically stops when there are more than 5 rice grains on the disc

Product video

Sushi molding

Chungmu Gimbap molding

Photo after work completion

Sushi rice

Seasoned sushi rice

Chungmu gimbap

Chungmu gimbap