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Food Mixer SM-100LS


Product specifications

Model Name SM-100LS SM-120LS SM-200LS
External dimensions 1,200 X 500 X 1,100mm 1,400 X 540 X 1,170mm 1,600 X 600 X 1,300mm
Machine weight Approx. 180Kg Approx. 200Kg Approx. 250Kg
Power 220V, 1.5KW(2HP) 220V/380V, 3HP 380V, 5HP
Inner container 720 X 420 X 520mm 800 X 450 X 560mm 1, 000 X 500 X 620mm
Capacity 100L 120L 200L

Product features

  • Used for mixing food ingredients, seasonings or medicinal products.

  • Ribbon-type wings move the contents in the direction of up, down, left, and right for even mixing, and the function of forward rotation and reverse rotation were also added to mix the contents into a bone shape.

  • The machine is easy to use with simple operations and is hygienic because it is made of stainless steel.


  • 식품혼합기부품

    Seal-seal type

  • 식품혼합기부품

    Seal-double ribbon type

  • 식품혼합기부품

    Seal- spatula ribbon type

  • 식품혼합기부품

    Seal- spatula type

Product video

Mixing of powder

Mixing of seasoning

Mixing of bean sprouts

Mixing of octopus

Photo after work completion

Mixing of kimchi seasoning

Mixing of octopus seasoning

Mixing of bean sprout seasoning

Mixing of powder