Meat Tenderizer/ Calework/Grinder

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Raw meat spread machine HK-300


Product specifications

Model Name HK-300
External dimensions 500 X 500 X 830mm
Machine weight 100Kg
Power 220V60Hz
Top board dimensions 300mm
Operating distance 57mm
Maximum pressure About 500Kg
Top board thickness 25T
Adjustment range 12mm

Product features

  • The raw meat is spread apart through one click of the operation button.

  • Increases work efficiency by automatically loosening up the meat without having to hit it hard by hand.

  • Safety is improved through the use of two operation buttons and the pressure of the pressure disc can be adjusted.

  • The machine is easy to clean as it is made of stainless steel.

Product video

Chicken breast boiled slices

tenderloin cut

pork cutlet meat, consecutive tenderizing work

Photo after work completion

Tenderloin expanded by 3mm

Chicken breast expanded by 5mm